Friday, December 9, 2011


FOOD - Who doesn't love it?
We eat everyday.Some eat 3 times a day,some eat 4,5,6,7 times a day...and some eat all day long..
   Lets start with...   


Simple Cheese

Blue Cheese (I never tried it and honestly I don't want to try it but some say it's really tasty)

Add some vegetables and it'll taste even better : Cheese with vegetables 

Or you can slice it in cubes
Ok, done with cheese :)


Fried eggs 

[or egg.... :D]

You can add some fries ♥♦♥


 There are many ways of eating potatoes :

Boiled potates (you can add some paprika for extra yummy taste)

Mashed potatoes (boil the potatoes,mash the potatoes with a fork,add some margarine and salt to taste and you're ready; you can also add some parsley or dill just like the image)

And,at last,you can also eat them with ketchup,mustard or pickled cucumber .Yummy yummy yummy!!! 
  Other vegetables: radish, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, onions, etc. 
You can eat them as they are or use them in many ways in food recipies. ♥

  Hmmm,what's next?? Aaaa..
  Even other fish eat other fish so why wouldn't we do it?

Fried fish
Fried fish with potatoes,lemon and parsley

And,of course,grilled fish

Up next...


At chicken I only got this cause everyone knows how to eat it right?? you can boil it and put it in soup, you can grill it and it's so damn yummy, you can fry it and your taste buds will be sooooooo delighted and ask for more, you can also eat it with eggs, fries, mustard, ketchup (etc.) and many many ways..

 Up next...  PIZZA

With mushrooms
Quatro formagi
 Want a piece?
At pizza there are too many kinds of them and I am really hungry and I can't buy it cause I can't eat it cause..well nevermind...what's next?

Pinneaple,apple,starwberry,melon,banana,orange etc. etc.
 Or cut them all and make a sallad ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
 And, at last , ....
  I'M DONE!!!!!!!!! Phew..
There are many many many other kinds of food and food and food and food and foond and etc. etc. and ..I can't do this any longer and ..I'm done :D
Gonna get something to eat until I get a hiccup or even worse a stomach pain ...

     See you in my next post everyone
                            But until then...BON APPETIT!!!!
   Eat well and stay safe, ok??


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New things,New start...

It's a new start for me.
Learning a new language was always an amazing and big chalenge for me.English was the first foreign language I learned and I loved it cause I found it easy and fun. Then I tried to learn french but..."Je ne parle pas fran├žais" (I translated that with the Google Translator) . I just don't get it! Still, I like the funny "r" they have..hihi...I know a lil bit of Italian too.I've been in Italy 1 year ago for 3 months and learned Italian :) ♥♥♥
But now it's JAPANESE!!  I want and have to learn Japanese for the University !!! I know what you're thinking... it's either "cool!! gudluck" or "You kidding me right? Why Japanese?? It's so hard to learn.."..Well,that's how it is!! I have to learn how to write and lean to read their alphabet.Actually they have 4 but I only have to larn 2 of them: hiragana and katakana.
Anyway,wish me gudluck!! I am trying hard and I will go on and on and on until I'll learn it.

Monday, November 28, 2011

SHOPPING - Everyone loves it...I do too...but NOT ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!

Had a really hard day...And I haven't yet cleaned the house...Woke up around 7 am,went shopping all by myself and had to buy a lot of stuff...Seriously,there was like 20 kg of goodd  I have taken. My back hurts,my legs and my arm and even my head and then when I got back home I had to take care of my niece that's 4 years old and now she is sleeping and I got a lil time for myself and then I have to go for a walk with her and tomorrow I have to go to college wich will be really tiring cause I have to go by train and then get my Japanese book and..and..start studying really hard...
I know,I know..there's a lot of things I have written,right? and I said and and and and and many many times..who gets me?? I do..not everyone gets me..and..WHAT WAS I TALKING ABOUT??
 Today's theme is SHOPPING..
Shoping can  be really nice but it can also suck (bad word,sorry). Everyone loves shopping when they are doing it for the pleasure but not because they have to do it.
     It's just not the same thing!! Going for shopping to get the last new purse or pair of shoes or  lipstick that appeared it's not the same thing with going to the supermarket to buy lots and  tons  of  stuff...Not the same thing!!!!!!
Picture this: you have to go buy lots of stuff. You need to go all by yourself cause everyone else is busy or at work or God knows where.U don't have a car,so you wake up early in the morning to get the first bus that stops as close as you need to the supermarket. [U verry lucky if the supermarket is near you ..I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that ♥♥♥]. You take the bus,you get in the supermarket and start your shopping day,right? It can take several minutes,even an hour,or maybe two,what if you need to go to another supermarket cause you can't find ONE DAMN THING in the one you are already in..and so it turn into a NIGHTMARE!!! Wait,it's not over: Once you bought everything you needed you go to the cash register and ... 10 PEOPLE BEFORE YOU????? Well,it's morning,what were you expecting?? There isn't much you can do,you have to wait..and you wait..and wait and wait..until FINALLY is your turn. Now the last thing thing you would ever think about is that you forget your wallet at home..and you think: no way...and start searching and searching in the purse and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN IT!!!!!!!...oh,wait..there it is..I'M SAVED!!! You think you're done?? no no no..wait: you have to take the bus to go back home cause you have many laguagges and you can't carry them all by yourself,can you? so you look at your wristwatch,assuming that you have one,or look for your mobilephone in your purse {that's why I always put it in my pocket,I hate when I don't have a pocket and then have to search it in the purse},found it and when you look at your watch OH NOOO...I have 5 minutes to get to the station.So you grab the luggage and start rushing to the station thinking: faster faster!! move you stupid legs!!! I need to take this bus!! [why are you cursing the legs???] and you walk and walk and walk and STOP!!!! your hands hurt....take a 10 sec breath and then rush to the station again and you're there and the last thing you expected to happen is that the bus that you need to take had already left...You start looking in the right and the left and ask someone: did the bus NR 8 left already?? "Yeah,like 1 min ago"...{Stupid legs,haven't I told you to move faster??}Well,the first thing you can think about know is getting a look in your wallet,you start counting your money,and then.."If I spend 5 dolars on the way,I'mma wait for the next bus"...And then you get your lagguage,sit on the bech that's near the station,and wait for the next bus thinking: "I can't wait to get home"....
FINALLY!!! The bus is here!!! You get in,pay the ticket,the bus leave,and finally you GET BACK HOME!!!!
 Oh,looks like someone is home. "Hi,I'm back.Can you unpack this for me?? I am like really tired..." "Ok,ok...fine,I'll do it...." After 5 minutes someone calls your name and asks: "Where's the thing I asked you to buy???"

In the afternoon you grab your diary and write about how your day was a NIGHTMARE and go to sleep thinking that tomorrow will be a better close your eyes and then the last words that come to your mind before you fall asleep are "STUPID LEGS!!!!"and so, your day ends.....


   I got a question for you...
What is LOVE? What does this means to you?? Why is everyone searching for it?
   I did too.. I searched for it in the eyes and souls of those whom I care for...those who I cheerish the most among the people I know and see everyday..well,almost.
  Well,it is proven: they love me!! And I also love them a lot :) love your family,then your friends and..and then who's next? The one whom you spend your life with,right? 
    There is this question, I think you all know itL Who do you love the most in this world? Well,some would answer: "My mom,who gave birth to me". Others: "My wife/husband/gf/bf".
Well,now it'll get funny..
Lets say someone asks you this question in front of your family gathered together in a room. What will your answer be?
Lets think. If you say : "It's my mother,the woman who gave birth to me" your life partener will be like: "WHAT ABOUT ME? I am the one whom you spend your life with." If you say:"My life partener." your mom will be like: "Right,of course."and then she'll leave the room. If you say "I love my friends the most":
Mother: "Did they gave birth to you?"
Life partener: "Are they the ones whom you spend your life with?"
Siblings (if you have): "You love love your friends more than your family? I am so dissapointed on you."
And last,if you say "I love everyone the same."they will all smile and say: "We love you too". But in each of their mind: "I know he/she loves me the most". [hmm...yep,the real truth.. :d]
  I think you have noticed I did not refer to dads..Well,they don't tend to express their feelings about their family too much,or are they? And I honestly don't think that at the question: "Who do you love the most in this world?" any dad would actually expect that his daughter or son to say: "My father". I mean,if you're a girl,you life partener will somehow find it strange,and if you're a boy,with the minds of the people those days,your friends will also find it strange..somehow...[am I right?] Oh,forgot..only if you're dad's girl/boy..I think everyone will understand it properly.. [Don't get me wrong,I love my father very much]
  Love can be like this..They say it's the most beautiful feeling in the world but also the hardest to get.So true,right?

{ Feel free to comment and tell me [PLEASE] if I said something wrong or something you don't agree with. [and don't just say: "I don't agree with you",please tell me with what you actually you don't agree and also the reason.]
  See you all in my next post!! :) And don't forget to LOVE!!!}

Sharing My Thoughts

                       Saying Hello!! :)

   Hello!!  My name is M.Y. , I am from Romania and I'm 19 years old :)
 I created this blog to be able to share my thoughts with everyone..and to get busy in my free time :) ♥
     Hope you'll read my blog. You will be able to comment (and please do) and tell me if there is something in my post that I have said and you don't agree with it :)